Industry experience

  • Education


    Since 1911, Washington National has been a recognized leader in providing voluntary benefits in the educator market, serving school districts of all sizes across the country. We understand that educators and staff have little time to spend outside their daily responsibilities. Washington National provides simple, straightforward benefit materials and efficient, electronic enrollment so that your employees can quickly become comfortable with their benefit choices.

  • Small business

    Small business

    Washington National is experienced in helping small businesses-from flower shops to small manufacturing companies-where owners can't afford time away from work. Costly illnesses or employee injuries can devastate a small work force. Products from Washington National can help your employees avoid the financial burden when the unexpected happens.



  • Medical


    We serve medical professionals and hospital employees across the country who know first-hand the debilitating impact of major illnesses. Some of our supplemental health products include benefits that pay lump-sum benefits and more upon the diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke and other critical illnesses.

  • Public safety

    Public safety

    Washington National insures firemen, police officers and other public service employees across the country. Public safety officials have dangerous jobs, with the constant potential for an accident. We offer a benefit with this profession in mind, such as a public safety rider that pays if your employees are injured in the line of duty.

  • Government


    Washington National specializes in providing voluntary benefits to government employees-from post office workers to city officials. Our term and worksite universal life insurance products are one way of protecting what your employees have worked so hard to build.

  • Retail & services

    Retail & services

    Washington National is a leader in providing voluntary benefits to retail and service industry employees. A competitive benefits package-featuring Washington National voluntary products-can help reduce unwanted employee turnover. Our supplemental health and life insurance can give your employees more benefit options-with no extra cost to you.

  • Manufacturing


    We serve manufacturing companies of many kinds-from textile mills and printing operations to petroleum refiners and concrete plants. Many manufacturing jobs carry greater risk of accidents or disabilities. Washington National offers accident and disability products that cover both on- or off-the-job occurrences.

  • Farm & ranch

    Farm & ranch

    For more than 100 years, Washington National has provided insurance to rural America—including farmers and ranchers. Our goal is to help farmers and ranchers focus on their growing business and protect the ones they love. That's why we offer the products and benefits to help cover the costs of an unexpected diagnosis, accident or loss of life.

Policies underwritten by Washington National Insurance Company, home office: Carmel, IN. These policies have limitations and exclusions. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact an agent.

Policies, benefits and riders are subject to state availability. Not all listed options, benefits and riders are available on all policies, and some may have additional cost.

Washington National Insurance Company is not licensed and does not solicit business in the state of New York.

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